Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Greece: Four Pakistani teens arrested for gang raping a... male Pakistani teen

(Lesbos) Four Pakistani teenagers, free from the diktats of Islam found in Islamic countries, praised Allah when they found shelter in a migrant camp on the Greek Island of Lesbos and, knowing that they wouldn't get punished by sharia law for having extramarital sex, went out of their way in which to sate their sexual desire. Spotting a fellow 16-year-old Pakistani male, they decided that he would do, so they gang raped him. But what makes this evil act even worse is they actually filmed themselves doing so.

Well, as this is the West, these Islamic rapists have been arrested and tomorrow they will face charges of felony rape and child pornography.

UK: Store closed down after it was found the owners offered alcohol to minors for sex

(Liverpool) The 10 to 10 store in Liverpool has been closed down by the authorities after it was found that the owner was offering alcohol to little children as young as 12 in exchange for sex. Owner Ushan Wewawala cried after the closure order was imposed by the police, which his solicitor Gary Bryan has stated will “finish his business”.

Ushan Wewawala
Angela Bellingham, representing the police, told the court:
“There is an ongoing investigation relating to incidents recently reported, involving matters which came to light when a foster carer made a report to police that two 13-year-old females were being sexually exploited on the premises.”
The police have reported that they have recovered text messages from the two girls which referred to performing “sexual favours” at the shop. On top of the charges of having a heavy cold around young girls (he was sniffing a lot around them), Wewawala was found employing an illegal immigrant whom he was paying below the minimum wage.

In his defence, Mr Wewawala and his illegal minion claimed they had no knowledge of any sexual exploitation and denied any wrongdoing and that the girls would come into the shop, and claimed they would demand alcohol or they would make “sexual allegations” against him. Which kind of ran flat after it was revealed that one of the young girls who made the sexual predator allegation was allowed to use the toilet soon after making it. The case continues.

UK: Syrian taxis driver buggers off to Syria after been found guilty of rape

(Chester) The UK is currently being held hostage by the liberal elites who demand that we should take in hundreds of thousands of Syrians as life for them is bleak not only inside Syria but in Europe also. Yes, that Europe which the same liberals are fighting left, right and centre in which to stall the UK's break with, citing that Europe is civilized whilst we are not.

Sultan Amari, Syrian rapist
Well, you'd think that Europe, never mind Syria, would be the last place where a Syrian immigrant would be willing to go to from the nasty, racist UK. But for 46-year-old Sultan Amari that was a no brainer. You see, Sultan worked as a taxis driver, and when he picked up a drunk young lady, he knew exactly what he had to do. So he drugged her, took her home and raped her. When the crime was reported, he claimed that sex was consensual, and as he was a person of good character, the courts let him keep his passport. Which is why this weekend he boarded a plane for Turkey where he intends to slip back into Syria. You know, that really dangerous country people like Sultan seek asylum from in the West.

Back into the UK, questions are being asked how this rapist was allowed to keep his passport. Of course these wankers will come out with "lessons will be learnt". The thing is, they never do, until the next rape case comes up, again, again and again. Maybe it's time we made civil servants accountable for their so called views.

Video: Man electrocuted attempting to steal booby trapped Trump sign

Typical liberal behavior leads to electrocution and a trespassing charge.

FBI expecting terrorists to flee Middle East and head to US

Slovakian PM: Refugee Quotas Are 'Finished'

(Newsweek) The current holder of the EU’s rotating presidency has slammed plans for permanent refugee quotas that would distribute asylum seekers more evenly across the bloc.

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico said Wednesday that: “Quotas today clearly divide the EU, therefore I think they are politically finished,” The Times reported.

Fico was speaking ahead of a referendum on Sunday in Hungary, where voters are expected to reject EU plans for refugee quotas. The “illiberal” Hungarian government, led by Viktor Orban, has campaigned vigorously against the quotas, and open asylum policies more generally.

Despite a struggle to implement a temporary relocation scheme, which since last year has only seen 5,595 people relocated from landing points in Greece and Italy out of a target 106,000, the European Commission wants to introduce some form of permanent quota system. The commission is set to release an updated proposal on Wednesday.

Under the current EU “Dublin regulation” refugee rules, asylum seekers are required to seek sanctuary in the first safe country they reach and there is no system for redistributing them afterwards.

This has led to massive pressure on states like Greece and Italy, and others near the EU’s southern and Eastern borders, as huge numbers of refugees have arrived from Africa and the Middle East since 2014.

But quotas are felt by some states to be an over-reach of Brussels’ power because it requires national governments to admit people that they otherwise may not have done.

Fico said: “Whoever wants to divide Europe, let them put quotas on the table, who wants to unite Europe, let them come up with a different concept of fight against illegal migration.”

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Syria: Incendiary weapons in use in built up areas

So, when Israel had a bun fight with Gaza, the liberals went apeshite over the use of smoke shells which contained phosphorus. (Smoke shells use felt pieces with small pieces of phosphorus inside them to generate smoke.) Here is an actual video clip (30 seconds) of a smoke shell in use by Israel at night time, as it is dark. You can actually see how the phosphorous burns for seconds. Here is a much more informative article on the subject.

All the ethical latte drinkers bitched something rotten about the above, yet the very same people have remained silent on the vast use of actual incendiary weapons inside Syria. Here is an example of Russian made ZAB-2.5 incendiary sub-munition in use. (It's a nasty piece of work):

Big difference, don't you think? Yet to the left, Israel is the evil one here.

Syria: Sappers clearing a path with mine sweepers???

(Syria) So I came across this news clip of a C-IED team inside Syria clearing a path, and I couldn't but help think, "What the hell?!"

Err, if you are going to clear a path using a mine detector then it helps if you swing the damn thing from side to side whilst keeping the sweep head parallel with the ground. You simply just don't walk in a straight line with the damn thing in front of you. Also, it helps if you turn it on - they utter a tone. The MINEX 4.600 mine detector has a built-in loudspeaker which is only silenced when you plug in the headphones as depicted below by the jihad twins who seem to be a little confused on who actually wears the headphones.

Here, watch how you do it for real:

Turkey’s de facto safe zone in northern Syria

(Syria) Turkey has recently revived its proposal to establish a safe zone inside Syria. In an interview with France 24, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Ankara is planning to send troops 45 kilometers [into Syria] “to secure the Manbij pocket and this area will become a de facto safe zone.” According to Cavusoglu, the plan aims to boost security and allow more refugees to return home while also enabling additional local Syrian troops to be trained for the continued fight against ISIS. Despite the failure of Turkey’s previous attempts to create a no-fly zone in Syria, recent developments, locally and internationally, show clear signs that a de facto safe zone, protected by US air power, is now being carved out in northern Syria.

Turkish area of operation inside Syria

Yemen: Saudi Arabia just lost a Pterodactyl UAV

(Sanaa) The liberal world loves to opine about Western arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which funny enough has been instigated by that so called peaceful nation Iran. Don't get me wrong, I have no time for any Islamic nation (well, as an apostate, I wouldn't, would I?). But the fact remains, pushed by the mad Mullahs in Tehran, the world has decided that SA has become persona non grata. Now what these liberals who are content on doing Iran's work for them don't realise is that if Saudi Arabia can no longer purchase weapons from the West, they will look elsewhere, which kind of explains why Saudi Arabia has purchased a large number of Chinese Predator drone clones known as Wing Loong, aka the Pterodactyl. Whilst virtually identical to the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator, the Pterodactyl is a quarter of the price.

Chengdu Pterodactyl I (Wing Loong)
However, as seen all over the world, buying cheap doesn't really save you money at the end of the day, which may explain why the Saudis have just lost a Wing Loong over Yemen.

On Saturday, images surfaced of a downed UAV in Yemen, whilst people immediately screamed Wing Loong, it has taken till today to verify that loss.

UK: Pakistani actor sacked and now under investigation for racist tweets

(Manchester) Marc Anwar, the Pakistani born Coronation Street actor, has been sacked from the soap for what were described as "racially offensive" comments about Indian people. Yup, it appears that like only a Pakistani can, Mr Anwar became very upset over the situation in Kashmir and decided to vent at Indian people over what he claims are the unjust deaths there. The irony here is, more non-Muslims have been killed in Kashmir than Muslims, and yet to Mr Anwar, Indians are at fault for being the real victims. Which is why he decided to state his case on Twitter:

The blanks contain the following words.
"bastards", "piss drinking cunts", and "Fuck."
When his tweets became public knowledge he was sacked on the spot and now the police are investigating him for racist hate speech. In response, Mr Innocent has stated:
'On Friday evening I saw on the news children being pulled out of rubble, people being pelted with pellets, women mourning their dead in Kashmir. This upset me very deeply and in a moment of madness I ranted out and vented my anger.
What he forgot to mention is the pictures of people being pulled out of rubble was the aftermath of a Pakistani sponsored terrorist attack on an Indian army base where 17 Indian soldiers were murdered and another 30 injured. Don't even get me started on the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri pandits by Islamic terrorism.

Anyway, he has returned first to YouTtube:

and then to Twitter in which to excuse his actions:
The latter bombastic tweet appears to contradict his face saving contrition video clip where he says sorry.

Monday, September 26, 2016

US: Stupid cow paints herself white in which to make a BLM protest

What a waste of her single brain cell.

Meanwhile in the real world:

Russian and Syrian jets bomb Palestinian refugee camp

(Reuters) Russian and Syrian forces bombed a strategic camp on the northern edge of Aleppo on Sunday after losing control of it overnight, both rebels and the Syrian army said.

Rebels said the army used more powerful weapons in an attempt to recover Handarat, a Palestinian refugee camp a few kilometers north of the Aleppo which is on elevated ground overlooking one of the main roads into Aleppo that had been in rebel hands for years.

"We retook the camp, but the regime burnt it with phosphorous bombs ... We were able to protect it, but the bombing burnt our vehicles," said Abu al-Hassanien, a commander in a rebel operations room that includes the main brigades fighting to repel the army assault.

Russia and Syria use phosphorous bombs on Palestinians?

UK: Mohammed, Mohammed, Mohamoud and four others in court on charges of raping 12-year-old girls

(Bristol) Seven men have gone on trial at Bristol Crown Court, accused of a total of 46 offences, including rape, sexual assault, rape of child under 13 and false imprisonment. Victims were subjected to sexual abuse that was "degrading, violent and horrible" in inner city Bristol, a jury at the city's Crown court was told. The girls were given drugs and alcohol and were "pestered again and again" for sex by the men, all of Somali origin.

The trial of the seven paedophiles at Bristol Crown Court started at the beginning of this month. A ban preventing the media from reporting the case until the victims had finished giving their evidence was lifted today.

The defendants have been named as:

Sakariya Sheikh, 23, Abdirahman Galal, 26, Mohammed Osman, 29, Mohammed Dahir, 24, Nuridin Mohamoud, 22, Abdirashid Abdulahi, 23, and Nasir Mahamoud, 23.

Some of the defendants deny knowing the girls they are accused of abusing or say they have been wrongly identified by a street name. The defendants deny all the charges they face. But then with the exception of Nuridin and Mahamoud, all the rest have been in trouble before for shagging little girls most have served time. Only one has a clean sheet (and that's only because I can;t find anything on him).

Their trial has been adjourned until Thursday.

UK: Racist Muslim bigot has a meltdown in court on being found guilty

(Birmingham) Unemployed Krissoni Henderson, a self-proclaimed Islamic street preacher, has been found guilty of abusing a woman in the street over her skinny jeans.

Henderson vented abuse at his Muslim victim over the jeans she was wearing, calling her a slut and saying he would blow up her house. He said: 'You shall burn in hell, look at your jeans, they are so tight. You will burn in hell for wearing such clothes'. When she said she would report him, he told her: 'They can't do nothing. I am going to come down your house and blow up you and your house.'

(Read more here)

Well, he’s had his day in court over the above and they heard that when he was picked up at home, he vented his spleen by shouting:
'Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! We're not going to take this anymore. You have no Jesus, I'm not scared of you. You are trying to belittle me. Satanists. You disgusting beasts. Filthy beasts. You treat us like crap in your country. You treat us like animals in your country. You treat black people like terrorist. You are the terrorists. The Queen is a terrorist.'
In court he tried to make himself into the victim by trying to claim his victim may have tried to 'seduce' him because he's 'very muscular' and 'handsome'.

But the court was having none of his excuses and today he was found guilty of using threatening words and behaviour, causing harm or distress and a second offence which was religiously-aggravated.

On this, this bigot had a meltdown:
'How am I supposed to turn my life around if you keep dragging me down? It's due to colour, isn't it.'
A Muslim in the public gallery then stood up and shouted in a well-planned speech at Magistrates:
'Of course this is racist. I am sorry that I am not white and I don't have a criminal record,' before storming out of the courtroom.'
Henderson kissed his hands and then raised his fists to the ceiling, before continuing,
'We all know what's going on here. We will all go to our graves.'
Maybe, but you are going to spend time inside first, picking up soap in the prison showers, because that's what blokes who belong to a gay death cult do.